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A Comprehensive Overview of Operations Research and Management Sciences at Antai College

At Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), operations research takes center stage in their mission to foster academic excellence and contribute to the development of the field. With a deep understanding of the importance of operations research, the institute for operations research and the management sciences ACEM plays a pivotal role in advancing this discipline.

Research Focus of Professor Fangruo Chen

Professor Fangruo Chen, Dean of ACEM, brings a wealth of expertise to the field of operations research. His profound knowledge in operations management and supply chain management has made him a prominent figure in the academic community. Professor Chen’s research not only focuses on these areas but also explores the interdisciplinary aspects of operations and marketing, providing valuable insights into the field.

Impactful Research and Publications

One cannot overlook the research achievements of Professor Chen in the realm of operations research. Particularly notable are his contributions to supply chain information sharing and coordination theory. Professor Chen’s findings have been published in renowned international academic journals, solidifying his reputation in the field. Additionally, his role as a field editor for esteemed publications, such as Management Science and Operations Research, further highlights his influence.

ACEM’s commitment to impactful research extends beyond Professor Chen’s contributions. The institute for operations research and the management sciences at ACEM provides a fertile ground for cutting-edge research and collaboration. Faculty members and students are encouraged to pursue their research endeavors, publish their findings, and actively contribute to the advancement of the field.


In conclusion, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) stands as a prominent institution in the realm of operations research. With a focus on research excellence and the leadership of Professor Fangruo Chen, ACEM continues to shape the field through their significant contributions. Through their dedication to impactful research, exemplary publications, and commitment to academic excellence, ACEM serves as a beacon for aspiring researchers and students seeking to make a lasting impact in the world of operations research.

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