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Benefits of In Wall Relay Shifts

In-Wall Smart Relay Switch allows you to transform your entire lighting system into a smart lighting system by simply replacing one bulb. You can control your light fixtures using an app on your tablet or smartphone that uses the patented technology of the switch. You can create custom lighting schedules and dim the lights. The app also allows you to set different levels of light for different rooms. The In-Wall Smart Relay Switch installation is simple and doesn’t require any special wiring. Simply replace your existing light switch and the Smart Relay Switch and you are ready to go. The In-Wall Smart Relay Switch will allow you to have the smart home you want without breaking the bank.

The In-Wall Smart Relay Switch can be a useful addition to any home. It can be used with any type of standard wall switch and doesn’t require a neutral wire for installation. Easy to install, the Z Wave Light switch can be used with an AC or DC power source. In-Wall Smart Relay Switch has a timer built in that allows you to turn the switch on or off at specific times. This makes it perfect for rooms that require light control, but the user may forget to turn off the switch, such as a child’s bedroom. The Z Wave Light Switch adds smart capabilities to any home in a safe and easy way.

In-wall relay switches have many advantages over traditional switches when it comes to lighting control in your home. Here are some reasons to switch to in-wall relays.


Relay switches in-wall offer conveniences that traditional switches cannot match. You can control lighting in your home using your smartphone or tablet via a switch relay. You don’t have to search for the light switch when it is dark. The lights will be on before you enter the room.


Relay switches in the wall offer safety levels that are unmatched by traditional switches. You can program your lights to turn on and off at a specific time with in-wall relay switches. This will help you deter burglars, and make your home appear occupied even though it is not.


Relay switches in the wall offer greater reliability than traditional switches. A switch relay will eliminate the worry about forgetting to turn off the lights when you leave the house. You can set your lights to “always on” so that they turn off when you leave the house, and then turn on again when you return.

In-wall relay switches are a safer, more reliable and convenient way to control lighting in your home. The in-wall relay switches have many advantages over traditional light switches. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who want to improve their home’s lighting system.

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