Different Types Of Clothes For Women For Summer 2023

With the arrival of spring, the clothes in the closets of the youth rooms should be reorganized in the presence of a favourite season to show off lighter, more dynamic garments that are susceptible to multiple combinations. Especially for young fashion and trend enthusiasts. But before undertaking such a delicate task, it is advisable to know the mainstream trends that will set the tone for the style of dressing this spring and summer.

Clothes that should be kept in the youth’s built-in wardrobe

Pay attention because according to specialists, the following styles will be the predominant note in the wardrobes of every youth room this season.

Girls will look for comfort, above all. Feel beautiful, light and glamorous. And they will achieve it through different styles. Some transgressors; others more classic, but all of them widely spread and accepted in their social circles:

Scandinavian style

It is characterized by using predominantly masculine garments, with a lot of straight lines and basically neutral colours.

How then to include it in a lady’s wardrobe? Combining clothes with very feminine accessories such as necklaces, earrings, pearls, glitter or cool sneakers. You will give yourselves an avant-garde minimalist imprint.

Flamenco style

It is one of the predominant styles among teenagers in Europe. A wardrobe without clothes with fringes and polka dots lacks soul. Like clothes with large volumes, wide, cool sleeves… Essential when the temperature rises and we spend a lot of time outside the home.

70-80’s style

Very common in the youthful wardrobes of many teenagers. Set in the hippie movement of the 1970s, garments with multicoloured prints, usually short T-shirts, but also long ones, combined with accessories such as hats, sunglasses or bracelets. It never goes out of fashion nor will it be this spring-summer.

Cowboy style

Style based on jeans that can be combined with any other style. It is an excellent option for any modern woman of our time.

Bohemian style

Style of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Definitely. It is very difficult not to find bohemian clothing sets in most youth bedroom closets.

Sporty chic style

One of the favourites without a doubt for girls and that is not missing in any self-respecting youth wardrobe. As easy and recurring as combining any of the other styles with sneakers, a jacket, a T-shirt… In short, sportswear is mixed with pieces of other styles.


Spring is colour, intensity and diversity. Prints are the definitive kings of fashion trends. The spring-summer season is offered as the ideal catwalk for all those girls who long to show off their latest wardrobe, proudly showing their refined taste.

Keep an eye out this year for garments based on:

Batik Style: Dyeing technique with spots of many colours that make the clothes look cheerful, and festival-like. In short, very, very summery. A very youthful style that has its origins in the 70s.

Patchwork: Have you ever wondered what that aesthetic made up of different fabrics, materials and prints is called? Well, you already know it. The most daring teenagers choose to stand out among their friends with these daring outfits that already stand out in any youth fashion collection.

Printed with flowers: A youthful woman’s room will always have pieces dotted with flowers. Very flattering element on the female figure, much more so in spring and summer.

Unlike other years, this time it seems that decoration with very large flowers will prevail. Will the clothes be less pretty? Each one will value it in their own way, but it is difficult for flowers, whatever their size, to spoil a girl’s youthful aesthetics.

Prints with polka dots: Exactly the same as with flowers. Stylish like no other element, they will not be missing from the spring-summer trends this year.

Fabrics and colours

One above the others, which, according to experts, will be the predominant one in the outfits of both teenagers and women: Chiffon, Gauze?

We are referring to those transparent silk fabrics that we see in blouses, dresses, and even pants. They are usually printed or plain. Excellent option to combine with other more rustic garments, such as short jeans, for example.

As for colours, spring always leans the style of young girls towards red, orange, yellow or pink. Blue, tan or military green will also fly.

Types of women’s clothing preferred in youth wardrobes

If we think of a woman’s youth room wardrobe, of a young woman, t-shirts, shirts or blouses inevitably come to mind. This coming spring – summer 2023 is an exception.

Dresses: Practical clothing for all feminine youth styles. It stylizes you, hides your waist and is very stylish. Long, loose dresses are cooler in high temperatures.

Shirts: It’s been a long time since shirts stopped being a male monopoly. Quite the contrary, they are a garment that fits like a glove into the youthful aesthetics of girls and women. Shirts of all types and with a place in all looks.

Blouses: From what self-respecting young woman’s wardrobe do we not get at least 5-6 blouses to combine in different seasons? Blouses have erroneously tended to be associated with adult, older women. And we will see it in a few weeks when we walk through the streets of our cities.

We will then see that the 80s style with marked shoulders, padded sleeves and a lot of volume has returned. Victorian-style blouses will also be noticed, with high necks, lace and lots of excess detail. Very feminine without a doubt.

Also straight tops with wide straps, for those who don’t like blouses that are too prominent, or looks that are too busy. It is a simpler and more comfortable look that is satisfying to have in youth closets.

Total looks style: Set that repeats the style in the upper and lower garment. For example, blouse-pants, top-miniskirt, maxiskirt-top… It is not yet fully established among the majority of teenagers in our country, but it is beginning to gain followers and will undoubtedly be an emerging trend this spring – summer 2023.

Shorts and Bermuda shorts: Entire drawers of shorts and Bermuda shorts will be emptied with the arrival of high temperatures and will take over our streets. Of very different styles and combining them with whatever you want. We could say that it is the star garment in the youthful wardrobes of teenage girls.

Skirts: Or perhaps skirts are the star item in youth wardrobes? Another fashionable classic that enhances the female figure like few other garments.

Pants: And finally, the wide, pleated pants that show your ankles. Very common to see them this spring – summer combined with a t-shirt, blouse or jacket…

What will the shoes be like this spring-summer season?

A determining element in every feminine look is shoes. And this spring-summer 2023, sandals will once again prevail over the rest of the options until night falls, when the platforms will burst in force.

Especially with the arrival of the summer months and holidays, where we can spend many more hours outside the home socializing, the premise is comfort. And their sandals behave as an infallible ally for our meetings and long periods of walking.

What we will see in this season’s footwear:

  • Flat sandals
  • High-top sandals
  • Shoes with high heels and platforms to not make them so uncomfortable
  • Prints as the main aesthetic
  • Plain colors

Being well-dressed is essential in today’s feminine style. Shoes say a lot about a woman and we should always make sure that they are well cared for and clean, and with the tops not worn out.


The women’s fashion that fills the closets and dressing rooms in the rooms bustles like never before when spring approaches and the sun’s rays prevail. The new trends are the old but consolidated ones, adding some unexpected emergence that brings freshness to the season.

What style suits you best? In a few days, Anvisha will begin to glimpse which models are chosen by girls and women to update their wardrobes and dressing rooms.

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