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From Paper to PET: Sunine’s CO2 Laser Marking for Every Material

Sunine’s CO2 laser marking machines are revolutionizing the world of material marking with their exceptional versatility across different wavelengths. Sunine‘s technology opens the door to a multitude of applications in various industries, allowing for precise and efficient marking on an extensive spectrum of materials.

Applications Across a Spectrum of Materials

Sunine’s CO2 laser marking machines offer versatility in material compatibility through different wavelengths. The 10.6 μm wavelength is well-suited for thin paper, cardboard, and glass, making it ideal for precise printing on packaging materials.

The 10.2 μm wavelength excels in marking thin films and packaging foils, particularly on painted surfaces and various plastics like PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, PA, PMMA, POM, PUR, ABS, and PVC.

Lastly, the 9.3 μm wavelength is tailored for materials like PET, commonly used in the beverage industry, allowing precise marking on plastic surfaces. These wavelength options make Sunine’s machines adaptable across a wide range of industries and applications.

Wavelength Precision

Sunine’s CO2 laser marking machines are designed to operate at three distinct wavelengths: 10.6 μm, 10.2 μm, and 9.3 μm. Each wavelength is optimized for specific materials, ensuring that even the most delicate or challenging surfaces can be marked with utmost precision.


In a world where industries demand precision and adaptability, Sunine’s CO2 laser marking machines shine bright. With wavelengths tailored for diverse materials, these machines are invaluable assets in applications ranging from packaging to plastics, offering precise and efficient marking solutions. Their adaptability ensures they meet the needs of a broad range of industries, making them indispensable tools for modern manufacturing and beyond.

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