Two things are required by dogs: lots of love and plenty of space.

Dogs need their own space to play, hide, rest and protect their territory because of their instinctive need to protect it.

While we all love to snuggle up with our pets, if your dog is allowed to sleep with you every night, they will begin to learn that this is their bed and could develop behavioral problems if asked to leave.

You have allowed your dog to sleep on the couch or bed on a regular basis. Now you are telling them that they cannot. You may hear barking, snarling and confusion.

Your dog can learn the importance of relaxation and rest by getting a bed for themselves.

A bed will keep your dog from sleeping on your couch or in your bed.

Dogs will do whatever it takes to sleep when they are tired. They may crawl into your bed, claw up your furniture or make a mess of your carpet.

You would prefer it to be a dog bed, not your couch, where your dog can do their pre-sleep circling and kneading in peace.

You won’t have any worries about your dog chewing up your furniture, or making you uncomfortable.


Not only should you get your dog a bed but also use it.

Your home should reflect who you are. While the bed your dog is given should be functional, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find one that fits with your decor.

The dog bed provides long-term support, relaxation and comfort.

A great dog bed’s core is its comfort level. There are many high-quality options. You will feel as comfortable and supported as your dog, which will allow you to get some sleep.

We created our Linen Dream fabric specifically for The Cloud Dog Lounge to match your home’s style. This fabric is all the beauty of natural woven linen, but it’s also durable, hypoallergenic and safe for dogs.

Oh, and the inside has a tri-layer memory foam cocoon that provides comfort and support for your dog while they dream about chasing cats.

It’s almost enough to make your green with envy.

Canine beds can cut down on cleaning time.

Dogs shed often so make sure your bed is easy to clean.

Cheap human dog bed can trap pet hairs and dust, making it difficult to maintain regular maintenance. The dog bed cover must be removable for washing. Otherwise, it will require endless untangling and cleaning.

The Chasing Winter Signature Linen Dream Cover will outlive all the rest and save you tons of time every month in maintenance.

It is resistant to stains, will dry quickly, protect from stains and messes (including dirt, flea larvae and water droplets), and mask any unpleasant odours that your dog might emit. You can vacuum up any food that is not covered by the covers and you can also deodorize the inner while they are being washed in your washing machine.

If you have a bed with a self-cleaning function, it’s easy to learn how to clean your dog’s bed.


Dogs require both affection and space. Dogs will go to any length to sleep when they are tired. They will even crawl into your bed to rest. The Chasing Winter Signature Linen Dream cover will last longer than the rest and save you tons of time every month. This fabric is safe for your dog and ultra-durable.

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