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Thought-Leade And A Thought-Influence- Tushar Kansal

One of the best ways to succeed is by helping others. It doesn’t mean you won’t have money or ideas, but it does show who you really are and what you are willing to do for others. Numerous successful people can testify that helping others has made them a lot more successful. You don’t need to donate money to do random acts of kindness. There are many other options if you don’t have the financial means to contribute. All that is needed is your kind heart. You will see the many problems in the world are caused by how we treat each other. This is what is causing the world to collapse. If we started spreading kindness, most of these problems will disappear.

Education Early Life and Education

Tushar Kansal was the son of Virendra Kumar Kansal (Father) and Chandra Kansal, (Mother). His childhood was spent in Himalayan cities, which allowed him to be close to nature. His older sister Akshi and he had a wonderful childhood. His father is an engineer from Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. This top Indian Institution of Technology is a huge inspiration to Tushar. He attended the Montfort School, Delhi. He is a talented singer, particularly in Hindi music. At the School’s graduation ceremony, he was awarded “Tansen”, for his musical accomplishments. His undergraduate degree was in B. Tech (Engineering in Textiles) he attended the Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences in Bhiwani. It is affiliated to the “Textile Institute Manchester UK”, and part of the most prestigious Industrial & Education House in India, “The Birla Group.”

He opted to get a Master’s degree in Financial Studies (Master of Finance & Control) after completing his Bachelor’s. This was from the Department of Financial Studies at the University of Delhi. He served as Treasurer on the Department’s Student Body’s Placement Committee. He completed the Executive Leadership course at Harvard Business School in 2020.

Following in Tushar Kansal’s Footsteps

Tushar Kansal, a businessman and educator who worked for top international organizations and traveled the world, is a family man, spiritual, and talented. He has also founded Kansaltancy Ventures, a leading global venture capital firm. His desire to help others is what he has always held dear.

Kansaltancy Ventures focuses on advising founders and new businesses on how to run a business and which elements to be aware of. It is easy to get capital and take a company to new heights if it is on the right track and everyone knows it. He has over 22 years of experience, as well as degrees from Ivy League colleges like Harvard, University of Delhi and The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences. He is an expert in equity fundraising, debt and mergers and acquisitions, mentoring, and other areas. Kansaltancy Ventures has worked with more than 1000 investors around the world and advised over 5000 growth-stage and startup companies.

Kansaltancy Ventures is a change agent that accelerates the ideas of change-makers through Venture Capital, Angel Investment and Strategic Services. Its global network, domain expertise, and funding from global investors/VC contacts support expansion in both the tech and non-tech sector. The United States, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Singapore are the major networks of the company.

The slang tech refers to technical terminology or jargon used by individuals in the technology field. It includes abbreviations, acronyms, and specialized language specific to technology-related subjects.


Tushar Kansal’s deeds have shown that helping others can bring benefits to your life and allow you to excel at a variety of areas. His organization is regarded today as one of the best, having helped many large corporations in the areas of EdTech and FinTech, Consumer B2C & D2C (both tech and non-tech), Disruptive, Web3, Metaverse & Blockchain, and DeepTech. Dr. Kiran Bedi, of the All India Council for Robotics & Automation – AICRA, named it the “Best Startup Supporter” at IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022.

Tushar Kansal is able to help you grow your business and make a difference for others. For more information and to see a complete review of his company, visit his website. To get a better understanding of his personality, you can listen to his talks.

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