Collection of Top Football Betting Tips for Experts

Catch soccer betting tips is the basis for players to bet in the safest and most effective way. In fact, there are many players who have earned a lot of money thanks to their own experiences and playing methods. Through the following article, New88today will send you some betting tips from professional bettors.

Collection of  soccer betting tips  from experts

When participating in any bet, you cannot always rely on luck. Below are these soccer betting tips can help increase your chances of winning and your chances of earning attractive bonuses.

Bet for sure

You may not know, effective betting can determine up to 70% of your chances of winning. Because only by analyzing and understanding the situation of the match can you make the correct decision. When performing betting, special attention should be paid to information such as:

  • The ranking of each team on the tournament’s overall table as well as the global ranking is the simplest way to evaluate strength.
  • Actual situation: performance in recent matches, psychology and performance of each player, tactics, goals of the whole team,…
  • History of direct confrontation.

Use money wisely

Following the rules will ensure you have the safest and most effective game. Expert advice is to split the capital for each participation.

This has the effect of limiting “blood intoxication” and all-in, although applicable soccer betting tips Betting still has certain risks. If you still have a lot of money, you can use a small amount of money to bet on hard-to-win bets. In return, the reward rate if you win will be much more attractive.

Remove all emotional factors

What “kills” many inexperienced bettors is emotion, which can include mistakes such as:

  • Choose your favorite team
  • Follow the crowd
  • Hastily withdrawing when encountering bad luck or having a winning mentality when continuously having good luck.

Even if it is your favorite team, you should only cheer for it with spirit, and betting must be based on reason and specific analysis. All information and advice on choosing bets online is for reference only, you must check the odds yourself and make a decision.

Martingale folding strategy

One soccer betting tips What is being applied by most experts today is folding. To put it simply, you will start the first bet with a certain amount of money, then there will be specific actions for each case:

  • Case 1: bet 100,000 and win right away, next time continue to play 100,000.
  • Case 2: lose the bet of 100,000, double the bet (200,000) for the next game, if your luck still hasn’t come, continue to double the bet (400,000), do the same in turn.

This way of playing will ensure that no matter how many bets you win, you will still earn a certain amount of profit, just be persistent. It is also important to note that you must prepare a large amount of capital and balance it properly, in case the losing streak is prolonged.

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Choose a reputable playground

All soccer betting tips Your playing experience will be of no use if you join a fraudulent bookmaker. This situation is happening quite commonly in the market, please verify carefully before deciding to participate anywhere.

Suggestion for those who are still struggling to find a reputable and quality playground, New88 is an option not to be missed. This is one of the few international bookmakers operating in Vietnam that is recognized by many international betting management organizations. From the attractiveness of the bets to the quality of service, it will definitely make you satisfied.

Some popular soccer bets that players need to know

Besides learning about soccer betting tips , you also need to have a certain understanding of betting odds. From there, you can choose a form of play that suits your preferences and apply the most effective playing method. The most popular football bets at New88 include:

  • European Handicap (1×2): Has a simple way to play, just choose 1 of 3 options: Win, Draw or Lose, suitable for all players.
  • Asian Handicap (handicap bet): The team that is rated higher will handicap the opponent with a certain number of goals (given by the house), the game will become fair and dramatic.
  • Over/Under Odds: You do not need to care about the win or loss results, just judge whether the actual goal will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the bookie’s rate.
  • Side bets: includes many interesting forms such as penalty cards, first serve, corner kicks, penalty kicks,…


Hopefully these soccer betting tips The above will help you conquer any bet. If you understand clearly, don’t hesitate to visit New88 and bet right away on upcoming exciting matches. Good luck,

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