Sharing effective 1 1/4 handicap betting experiences

Besides betting on 1-goal handicap, ½-goal handicap or 1.5-goal handicap.Handicap 1 1/4 This is the most popular and most chosen Asian handicap today. So are you curious about this 1.25 handicap? How to play and calculate the bonus for this bet? Let’s Trang chủ Mb66 Find out!

What is the 1 1/4 handicap?

The 1 1/4 handicap or 1 and a half handicap is an Asian handicap often applied in matches where the level between the two teams has a large difference. Basically, the rules of this type of handicap are similar to other types of normal handicaps. But this is an Asian handicap, so there will be a different way of calculating money than usual. Specifically the following cases:

  • If the player chooses the favorite team and that team wins by 2 goals or more (2 – 0, 3 – 1, 4 – 0). At that time, the player will win the full amount bet, but if the player chooses the under bet, he will lose the entire amount.
  • If the player bets on the over but they only win by 1 goal (1 – 0, 2 – 2, 3 – 2). The player who bets on the upper odds will lose half of the bet, and the player who bets on the lower odds will win half of the bet.
  • In case the match ends with a draw or the underdog wins. The player who bets on the upper team will lose the entire bet and the lower team will win the entire bet.

In general, the way to calculate the winnings for a 1 1/4 handicap bet is quite simple. You just need to understand issues such as goal difference greater than 0.25. Once you calculate the handicap, you will win full money, if it is less, you will lose or take half the bet based on your betting choice.

The most effective secret to betting on the 1 1/4 handicap

During the process of participating in soccer betting, many players make the mistake of thinking that winning depends on luck. Because in practice it has been proven that no player can be continuously lucky in betting games. That victory largely came from our own methods and tactics that we have summarized below.

Consider when choosing a bet

Carefulness is an important and necessary factor that you need to keep in mind every time you bet on football. Especially with difficult bets like 1 1/4 handicap. Therefore, before placing a bet, players need to carefully research and analyze the odds table first.

Then, combine it with comparing the odds on the odds table at the bookmakers. Because each bookmaker often offers different betting odds. Finally, when you have carefully compiled all the information, you can decide to place a bet. Only then can you gain more victories.

Don’t bet on the 1 1/4 handicap when the match hasn’t started yet

Mostly, to make it more convenient for players to bet, the bookmaker will offer betting odds early. But according to the experience of experienced players, you should not bet during this time period.

Most bookmakers will regularly change the betting odds before the match to trap players. Therefore, it is best for you to wait until the match takes place about ⅓ of the first half before placing a bet. This is the golden hour because the match has stabilized the betting odds, lineup and performance of both teams.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Another extremely important and effective experience when playing 1 1/4 handicap is that you need to choose a reputable and quality address. In today’s betting market, there are many virtual bookmakers and less reputable scam bookmakers created for bad purposes. For example, scamming money, appropriating players’ personal information when placing bets.
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Before placing a bet, you need to take the time to thoroughly research the house you choose to bet on. Specifically, year of establishment, operating time, licensing documents, level of safety, security, supervision organization, promotions, incentives, etc.

Among them, bookmaker MB66 is one of the leading reputable units, possessing a huge number of members that you can join. Betting on the 1 1/4 handicap at bookmaker MB66 will give you the best betting experience. Therefore, when you want to participate in soccer betting, remember not to miss this reputable and quality bookmaker.


Above are some shares on how to bet Handicap 1 1/4 Easiest to win today.MB66 Hopefully the above article will give players useful knowledge to be able to bet more accurately. Good luck

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