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Strategies to Use Social Media for Employee Engagement

Human resources professionals have been using the term employee engagement for many years. Employee engagement is more than ensuring employees are happy at work. This also means that employees feel valued by their employer.

It is important to hire the right people. However, if your employees don’t get what they want, then you could end up with high turnover and less productivity. This blog will discuss three ways social media can be used to engage employees.

Create a Facebook group for employees only

A Facebook group for employees is a great way of creating an online community that will help you improve your communication, morale and productivity. Although it is easy to set up an employee-only Facebook page, the benefits can be enormous.

An environment where workers who work remotely or do not interact with many other workers can communicate better

You can have casual conversations about topics that are not work-related (letting off steam).

This is a great place to meet new employees and ask questions about the company culture, before they start their first day.

Managers have a way to provide feedback in a casual setting, without having to interrupt workflows or take time from people’s schedules.

Encourages interaction between departments that might not otherwise interact (e.g. shipping and customer services).

Keep the company culture consistent across all locations and departments.

Encourage employees to share their work via social media

Your employees sharing their work on social media not only showcases the great things they are doing but also humanizes the company. Employees will feel more engaged if they know that their work is valued by their peers as well as their upper management.

Here are some ways to encourage employees to share their work via social media.

Social media sharing can be included in your employee recognition program.

It’s easy for employees to share work by sharing it with just a few clicks

Make content that is both visually appealing and easy-to-share (e.g. infographics, videos).

You can host a giveaway or contest on social media. People love to be able to win free stuff, especially when it’s not work.

Although sharing work-related content via social media is a great way of improving employee engagement, it’s important to remember how social media can help employees feel connected outside the workplace. A PR agency can help you create content that will keep employees engaged at work and generate PR buzz for your company.

Hosting company events via social media channels

You can stream live video of your events on social media and keep your employees informed about what’s going on at work. A weekly Facebook Live meeting is a great way to interact with employees, especially if your company needs feedback or input about current projects.

Events can also be hosted in Facebook groups. You could organize a virtual book club, where employees can read the same book and then discuss it via Facebook Messenger. This is a great way for employees to interact and build camaraderie in your company.

Event hosted on social media channels have the added benefit that they can be archived, so employees who missed it live can still catch up. Feel free to visit to learn more about – Gramhir

Final thoughts

Employees will feel more valued when you use social media to engage them. Social media is a great way for employees to connect with one another through storytelling. Click here to read more.

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